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South East Regional Design Panel

The Centre manages this Panel which is now is fully established and is having a significant impact across the whole of the South East. It supports the delivery of sustainable, high quality and well-planned development of all types and scales where the proposal has a regional significance or where a site is particularly sensitive.

The Panel was launched in 2002 with the support of SEEDA. It provides a positively focused design review service that is free of charge to the user and available to a wide range of public and private organisations, giving them access to experts whose names are well known in the design industry.

South East Regional Design Panel MeetingThe Panel seeks involvement at the very early stages of the design process before ideas and financial commitments become too fixed. Essentially the panel provides clear indications of the strengths and weaknesses of development proposals. Developers have recognised that getting the basics right brings efficiency in the longer term and gives a proposal increased opportunities to achieve design excellence and a smoother path to a planning consent.

Reviews are undertaken of individual buildings, development briefs, planning briefs, area strategies, masterplan proposals and design guides.

More information available on the South East Regional Design Panel website.