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Major expansion of Design Review

A new era for KAC's design review process has begun. In close collaboration with our Design Review Panel members, we have opened the Review process to meet the demand for early stage, place-based, community-framed reviews, in addition to the established format.

"We will build on our continuing design review service, but will also offer more flexible support, problem-solving and enabling", said Chief Executive Chris Lamb. "Each design support package will be configured to meet the particular needs of communities, local authorities and developers. Panel members will also be available to guide project teams and stakeholders throughout a project", he added.

Where KAC is assisting projects or supporting plan-making over lenghty periods, we will act as a confidential sounding board to help diagnose issues as they arise, drawing on guidance from Panel members attached to the project.

Chris goes on to say that "we will remain independent and neutral - filling a unique role between the public and private sectors. It is essential that Panel members are not viewed as a consultancy to any one party".

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